What does Ancestry TreeShare reset mean?


This is a good question. And by the fact that no one has responded, I suspect that others also are in the dark about this. I have been using TreeShare only to create an Ancestry tree with all my data and sources. I am not trying to have Ancestry update my RootsMagic files. So my response is only concerning transferring information one way.

I have been working with sources and citations and experimenting with how they are transferred via TreeShare to an Ancestry tree. It has required a number of different trials to accomplish. I have learned that changing a source or citation in RM7 or RM8, then trying to update it with TreeShare to my Ancestry tree does not seem to work. The RM8 file was created from a copy of the RM7 file. All the people, families, facts, dates, etc. stayed in the Ancestry tree, but many times the sources and citations did not update.

I’ve deleted my Ancestry tree and tried to reset TreeShare a number of times with little success. I even got to the point that my RM files would not transfer any sources or citations. Recently I used a database manager, SQLiteSpy, to look at my RM7 and RM8 files. There is a table in the RM7 file called LinkAncestryTable and another in RM8 called AncestryTable. Both had several thousand lines in them. I made the assumption that these tables are associated with TreeShare. I backed up both files, then deleted all the lines from those tables from both files using SQLiteSpy. So if this experiment was not successful, I could restore and not lose anything. Also, I deleted my trees from Ancestry. When I opened the files in RM and opened TreeShare, it immediately asked to create a new Ancestry tree. When doing so, all data including sources and citations were transferred to the new Ancestry trees. I then used SQLiteSpy to look at the RM files, and the database tables had only 421 lines. I believe that all of the times I disconnected my Ancestry tree from my RM files and tried to reset, TreeShare just kept adding links and finally corrupted the TreeShare process.

After all this, I still do not know what reset TreeShare was meant to do. But, I would suspect that if you are trying to do some type of reset, that it should delete all of the links from RM to Ancestry and allow you to start over with a new tree. But maybe the programmers had something else in mind. I hope this is some help.

From the facebook users group:

Renee Zamora

It doesn’t hurt anything to run “Reset TreeShare”. It will simply do some housekeeping in the background. The first time you run TreeShare afterwards it might take a little longer but after than run as normal.

Now that was for RM7 from a couple of years ago and she repeats it in other posts. It does not delete all the records from the LinkAncestryTable|AncestryTable. At least one is required to relate the database to the Ancestry Tree. I haven’t looked at the behaviour recently and maybe never at Reset TreeShare, being more interested in Disconnect. For some more background, see

A direct quote from the RootsMagic Wiki pages for WebHint Settings. “Reset TreeShare - This will cause RootsMagic to rebuild the links to your Ancestry Tree. With a large Ancestry Tree this can take a long time.”