Ancestry Treeshare - "Missing" Citations

I’m not sure if this has been reported before, there seems to be some sort of issue with RM8 updating Source Citations in Ancestry via Treeshare.
A brief chronology:

  1. My RM8 tree was transferred and converted from RM7 with a working link with an Ancestry tree. All is and was working properly.
  2. Over time I have since been tidying up a lot of my Sources and Citations and wanted to see how these were reflected in the changes fed through into Ancestry by Treeshare. They don’t seem to be.
  3. Decided it was time to refresh by deleting the old Ancestry tree and uploading a new one from RM8.
  4. Fine so far However some of the Citations still didn’t look quite right and among other things included control characters like ‘< i >’ interpreted as plain text. So tweaked the RM8 Sources again and repeated the exercise to create another new Ancestry tree.
  5. This time quite a few Citations were missing. Repeated the exercise again and ALL the citations were missing fom the Ancestry tree. The Sources were there and could be accessed from a drop down list to create citations manually, but no citations linking these with facts were transferred from RM8.

Fortunately I was able to restore RM8 back to a point immediately prior to step 3 above with managably limited losses, and creating a new Ancestry tree at this point once more included all of the citations.

Has anybody else experienced a similar issue, and is there another solution? It didn’t appear to be a problem in RM7 so it seems to be specifically an RM8 ‘undocumented feature’.

The issue of Ancestry not accepting the sources has been reported; Renee Zamora did comment on that post in Facebook. As to the citations not looking the same, see the discussion here: Source /Citation Transfer from Roots Magic to TreeShare for Ancestry

Thanks I was aware of the article you linked. It was partly in following through from this that I was attempting to further tweak some of my Sources to get a ‘cleaner’ result.
The main problem seems to be that RM8 will apparently only upload a particular Source/Citation once and doesn’t seem able to repeat it even though a new Ancestry tree was being created. The fact that I was able to upload citations from a restored previous version of the same RM8 tree seems to suggest the problem resides in RM8 and not Ancestry.

Gunslinger1948, I have had the same problems you are reporting in both RM7 and RM8. I had to use SQLite to modify the RM databases by deleting the Ancestry TreeShare links. Then I was able to start over with a new Ancestry tree. See my response to the issue regarding TreeShare reset. TreeShare

This all makes some sense to existing files with existing connections to Ancestry Trees. But, why aren’t sources created in Ancestry for a brand new file with data and sources, uploading it to a new Ancestry tree?