An Open Source Note Closes If I Switch Away From the Sources Tab

I’m trying various workflows to enter sources and citations into RM8. One of the various things I’m trying is to remain as a source splitter where I enter all source information into the source and none into the citation. With this approach, the best workflow appears to be to create a new source from the Sources tab rather than from within the Edit Person screen of the People tab. However, there can still be some back and forthing between the Sources tab and the People tab as I am creating the new source.

If I have the Sources tab open to the Source text panel, switch to the People tab, and then switch back to Sources tab, the Source text panel will have closed. I have tried opening the Source text as a sub-window as a part of my workflow, but the Source text sub-window is modal and prevents any switching to other main tabs at all. So the back and forthing only works at all as long as the Source text is in a sliding panel which in this case is actually not too bad. But the sliding panel doesn’t stay slid. It unslides on its own.

I was wondering if this is a bug or if it is by design. If it’s a bug, I would request that it be fixed. If it’s by design, I will submit a request to leave the Source text panel slid when back and forthing with other tabs. In fact, the design philosophy of RM8 seems to be to be able to switch tabs in such a way that when returning to a tab, the tab is still in the same state it was in before leaving the tab. But it doesn’t work that way in this case.