Free Form source has sliding windows - why?

Why does the Free Form source need to have sliding windows for Footnote, Short Footnote, and Bibliography?

All the other sources, such as “Ancestry Record,” do not have sliding windows above the gray line (Master Source text, media, etc).

I’d prefer no sliding windows, so put that on the list for things that need fixing in RM8.

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I am sure they will heed your demand and get right on fixin’ it. As for sliding windows, I assume you mean the ‘Edit note’ screen that slides in so you can actually enter the footnote, short footnote and bibliography? How else do you propose to enter it? This is the same behaviour for notes and other bits. Yes, it would be nice to click in the box and type, however that is not how RM8 was designed to work.

The other source templates don’t need the sliding windows because RM builds the footnote and other bits from what is entered into the template.


I won’t mention that other program where I can type the Footnote, Short Footnote, and Bibliography without sliding back and forth. I don’t want to be chastised for comparing that other inferior program (which is easier to use) with RM8 (which supposedly everyone is in love with by now).

Designs can be changed! How about some options - ya’ll keep your sliding windows, and I get the flat look.

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By the way, if I click “Customize” then the Customize Footnote window opens and it’s nice and flat, with no sliding windows. Therefore, I think Bruce can redesign the Free Form form to open up with the same flatness as when customizing.

I would not be one of those ‘everyone’.

Yes, designs can be changed, which is why we have the hot mess that is RM8.

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Not likely to happen. The Customize Footnote screen is a modal window which is one of the things that peeved many users in RM7. Ridding the program of as many modal windows as possible is one the stated goals for RM8’s design.

@mapleleaf I have no idea what a sliding windows is so I don’t know if this will help

Click on ( program) settings-= far left near bottom of the list

you will see an icon that kind of looks like this


In the list it has Slide in work flow
and says
use slide in work flow on Edit Person
when clicking fact list icons
which you can either put a checkmark or leave blank

doesn’t seem to change anything for me whether I use it or not

hope it helps

The slide in workflow is not going to change what @mapleleaf is talking about. If you want to see the slide in workflow difference, this is best done in the Edit Person window. IN the list of facts, you will see the columns to the left where it shows if you have sources or media or tasks. Click in one of those little boxes and watch the screen. The go to settings and either tick or untick the slide in workflow option. Go back to an edit screen and click in one of those little boxes again. You will see different behavior.

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Here is a screenshot of the Free Form source in RM8.
Every line that has the right-arrow at the end will open a sliding window. I find the sliding windows irritating.


Here is the RootsMagic 7 Free Form source window. All 3 fields are “flat” meaning I can type right into them and nothing needs to slide.

Here is a RM8 screenshot of a Basic Online Template. You can type information into all the fields above the gray line. There are no sliding windows above the gray line (“Master Source text, media, etc”).

As we have been reminded many times by RM persons, this is NOT RM7. Just because something was done one way in RM7, it does not mean that it is going to be done the same way in RM8. As I have previously mentioned, the goal was to do away with Modal windows. Given this goal, the way thing get done ended up being changed. At this point, you have to make a choice. 1) Accept that RM8 is different and learn to love it. 2) Continue to use RM7 until you can use it no more. 3) Find a program that is better suited to your work flow. I have personally elected to go with option 2 with some leaning on option 3.

I don’t follow the rationale that this has anything to do with the behaviour that @mapleleaf is complaining about. It’s my impression that RM8 has modal windows in most cases (when one is opened, no other open windows are accessible). The exceptions are the top windows from the sidebar menu and the Edit Person window for which three of the latter are allowed to be open simultaneously with one of the former and one can move focus among them without closing. And that applies also for up to 4 databases. Those are what I understand to be non-modal windows. But open most any other window in RM8 and it grabs exclusive attention until it is closed as is the case when adding a source from within the Edit Person screen or from the Sources main window.

So, adding a source is modal in both RM7 and RM8, yet one uses sliding windows and one does not. Being modal or non-modal does not appear to be a condition that requires sliding windows. And as long as the currently selected modal window stays on top regardless of where one clicks on other program windows, there is no getting lost.

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Yes, it does have nodal windows and I even mention one earlier in the thread, if you had read it. As for entering a source without it being modal…it can be done. Now, let’s see how clever you are! Note that adding a source is generally used interchangeably with adding a citation.

Not that clever. Show us!

And what bearing does that have on the OP?


As a supposed “update” it should bear some resemblance to the the programme we bought and love over the years. An “update” should be an improvement, not a totally different error riddled programme.

I have given the new programme a thorough workout and am VERY disappointed. The huge amount of information I’ve added to RM8 I will now have to be redone in RM7.

RM8 should be worked on for another year or two and re-released as a new programme under a different name. IMO it is difficult to use, riddled with errors, removed much more user friendly options, and will damage RM’s reputation.

RM8 is not an “update” of RM7; if it were then it would have a version number beginning with 7. It is an “upgrade” according to RM Inc definitions and version number patterns.

That correction may make no difference to your analysis and conclusion.