Where are Free Form Source Footnotes etc. stored?

I am using Free Form sources in RM The Edit Source Screen shows fields Footnote, Short Footnote and Bibliography.

In the underlying SQL database, there is a SourceTable, but the Footnote etc. fields are not in there. All my sources have TemplateID equal to 0, so I assume that 0 is the ID for Free Form. There is also a SourceTemplateTable that indeed has the Footnote etc. fields defining how the content is constructed from other data. However, there is no TemplateID 0 in the SourceTemplateTable.

So my question is: where are the contents of the Footnote etc. fields stored in the database for Free Form sources? And is there a way I can acces these fields other than one by one in the Edit screen?

The Free Form Source “template” is hard-coded. The sentence content is contained in the Fields columns in the SourceTable and CitationTable. These columns are BLOB type but can be viewed in text form by using a string function such as TRIM() on them. For deeper insight, search within sqlitetoolsforrootsmagic.com

Essentially, the hardwired sentence for the free form template is

[Footnote]< ,[Page]>.

The Fields column of which Tom speaks is in an XML format, with XML tags corresponding to field names in source templates. For the free form template, the only data stored in the Fields column is that data you see in the RM user interface as Page Number and which corresponds to the [Page] variable in the hardwired free form template. The rest of the data is stored in the column called Footnote. For sources using templates, the Footnote column is not used and all the data is in the Fields column.

Thanks, both, for these replies! These were very helpful to solve my issue for a mass update of the footnotes.