An Odd Access Violation Error

Windows 10, RM

I had an odd Access Violation error earlier today. I doubt that I can recreate it, but I think I know what caused it. My Internet router died while I was working in RM9. Immediately after my Internet router died, I was switching from one RM view to another, very routine stuff. I was switching from Descendant View to Family View. Immediately after switching views and without doing anything else at all, I got the Access Violation error. I had to shut RM9 down and restart it. I also rebooted my Internet router, and my Internet started up again very cleanly. No RM data was lost and all was well.

I suspect and cannot prove that switching from Descendant View to Family View triggered RM’s WebHints process and RM’s WebHints process crashed because of Internet access dying at the same time. That’s all I know, and my suspicion could be wrong. But I thought it might be worth reporting.