Ahnentafel report question

I tried a report for the first time and question its sentence structures.
In my RM8, a birth sentence reads:" [Name] was born on 17 October 1924 at 13 Water Street…"
As printed in an basic Ahnentafel report it reads: [Name], born 17 Oct 1924 in 13 Water Street…"
A death sentence in RM8 reads: “[Name] died on 17 Aug 2018 … at St. Joseph’s Hospital…”;
As printed in the same Ahnentafel report it reads: “died 17 Aug 2018 in St. Joseph’s Hospital…”

How do I get the program and printout to harmonize with the same connector words?

Update: I just printed a Narrative Report and it printed out just fine.
So the problem rests with the Ahnentafel report only?