NGSG Narrative Report

NEHGS (register) Narrative Report Rootsmagic 9, windows 10 PC, saved as word document.
2 i Sure W. Downing, born 14 Aug 1843, , , Pennsylvania; married Ida M. Brown, 1 Oct 1877, , Santa Clara County, California; died 15 Aug 1883.

ii Active M. Downing was born on 8 Sep 1844 in Westfield, Tioga County, Pennsylvania. She died on 21 Oct 1864 at the age of 20 in Yorkville, Racine County, Wisconsin. She was buried at Union Grove Memorial Cemetery in Union Grove, Racine County, Wisconsin.

[person] was born< [Date]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>. (listed on both people)

Is there something I should do to make the first person sentence add “was” born, “on” date and “in” place. It is not just the two above people in the report. Other people have it correct with the prepositions and other do not. All have the default sentence. I could not figure out how to paste screen print.

Sure W. Downing has more than one Birth event and the one set Primary is customised?
Sure W. Downing is using a custom Birth fact type with a different sentence template than does Active M.?

The presence of a semi-colon in front of Sure W.'s “married” sentence and lack of capital and that it should precede the likewise semi-colon, uncapitalised “died” sentence suggests this is all one custom sentence, perhaps in a Note and none of the fact-type sentences are being outputted - could they be private? The narrative sentence order is all the Individual’s events first, followed by the Couple’s, then the Children.

  • Capture the screen with your favorite tool (Snipping Tool, SnagIt, ShareX, etc)
  • Save that capture to your computer.
  • When typing your post, you can use the ‘upload’ icon (see highlighted below). It will open a dialog box and let you open the capture you saved.


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I show only one Birth Fact. The birth fact is not private. My person notes are private. I couldn’t find where to look for sentence information to see if it is private. I checked the Edit Sentence screen but it was set as default. I did not change anything on that screen. After doing more checking I found that all married people are that way. Is there a way I can change it? Thanks

If the sentences have not been customized in any way, then this sound like an impossible situation. Are you really sure the sentences have not been customized? For example, the sentences can be customized without changing the sentence templates.

If you highlight a fact in the Edit Person screen, the sentence will be visible in the lower right hand panel. That panel has a Customize button that allows you to customize the sentence without changing the sentence template. If the sentence doesn’t look right, you can click the Customize button and then click the Reset To Default button. Try that.

If doing so fixes the problem, it doesn’t explain how the sentence became customized in the first place, but it does confirm that the sentence has become customized. The Reset To Default button will remove the customization and place the sentence back under control of the sentence template.

I went to the sentence customize screen and reset the defaults. It still looks the same.

The narrative report is not printing the sentence as shown in the Edit Sentence screen.
I also went to the marriage and death facts and reset the Edit Sentence to the default but nothing changed in the narrative reports. Still prints as in my first message.

You really need to contact support chat and see if someone can do a connection to your computer to sort this. None of us have access to you database file, so all we can do is fire off what might be the cause, however it apparently isn’t the cause based on your responses. Someplace, somewhere, something very specific to your file is causing an issue because what you describe is not normal RM behavior.

The only way I can even make this behavior happen is to go to the fact list, edit the birth fact and alter the principal witness sentence but in doing so, then every fact would your that edit as the default, unless the customize was used to change it.

The sentence looks correct to me from the point of view of RM’s sentence templates. The problem is that the Place field contains ,Pennsylvania rather than Pennsylvania.

You may be trying to use the City, County, State convention for place names and leaving the City and County null while keeping the commas because you do not know the values for City and County. But you also need to omit the commas in addition to omitting the City and County.

I edited the facts and removed the commas and the city and county. Printed the report with only the states as place. Did not work printed as before without the commas. I do not want to remove all the city and counties from the person edit screen. See Attached

Thanks for all the suggestions. I like Rootsmagic but it seems there are still problems with some things.
I am not comfortable having someone access my computer.

That sentence still seems deeply flawed. It should not have a semi-colon after Pennsylvania. It should have a complete sentence instead of a fragment for the marriage. It should not have a semi-colon after California. It should have a complete sentence instead of a fragment for the death.

What you are seeing appears to be completely impossible. I personally think the RM staff is completely trustworthy. I don’t think this problem can be diagnosed at those point unless somebody looks at your computer. Or do you have any kind of computer expert in your family who might be able to look at this problem? Or is there a local genealogy group that includes experienced RM users?

The program prints the semi-colons. All I keyed in the place field were the state name. I posted here as sometimes other people have the same problem and I thought maybe I could get an answer to help with the problem. I appreciate all the suggestions from the people. I think it is a problem with the program or it is suppose to be like that for the married people. I does not happen on the unmarried people. Sentences are printed correctly. No I don’t have any computer experts in my family and I don’t know if there is a local genealogy group here. If there were one my only contact with them would be by email as I am doing now with this group.

and Death is supposed to print before Marriage, irrespective of dates.

That is all well and good, however you have something specific to your file that is an issue. You need someone to look at that file, and the RM tech support people are most likely your best bet. They may ask you to send them a backup copy of the file which you may or may not wish to do, but again, none of us have the ability to look at your file and you claim that everything is as it should be. No, this is most assuredly not a program issue. This is a data file specific issue.

On the Fact Type list do you see more than one birth or marriage fact? It would help if you did a screen shot of the full Edit Person screen with the fact highlighted so we can also see the way data was entered and what the sentence preview looks like.

@ Luckie

This is CORRECT-- there is NOTHING WRONG with your file— what you are doing is comparing the INFO UNDER CHILDREN to the INFO UNDER THE PERSON–see info for Sue Acorn in screen shot

Children will always be abbreviated like this UNDER PARENTS as far as I can tell because THOSE WITH KIDS will be listed in the next generation with the full sentences–UNFORTUNATELY no kids / or wife and what you see on TOM Acorn is all you get in the report…

thejerrybryan is correct abt removing the comma in front of the state or county as the report puts in one comma and however many you have…

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That is from the report. As Renee mentioned, can you post a screen shot from the Edit Person screen instead of from the report?

that last message was from me-- read what I said after I quoted Luckie, then try run a report and compare the sentences under children to what is under the person in the 2nd generation please

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Good catch @nkess ! We all misread it as the primary narrative for the person, not as the child of another!

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Maybe @TomH and the others can confirm this as it has been a while since I used another genealogy soft ware BUT I think this is going to happen no matter what program you use–if not, maybe they can tell you which programs are different…

Here is the full screen print. If it is correct then I will accept that and use another program for my reports. I was hoping to have just one genealogy program. I have been doing genealogy for years and have had several different programs I used. I started with Personal Ancestry File (PAF). I still use it for one report which is what I use. Also have Legacy Family tree. Legacy Family tree does write the complete sentence in the narrative report. I know it gets complicated. I want to thank everyone for their comments and help. I did make a screen print of the person in question. Since the program is correct then my question is answered.