Problem with printing of a customized sentence in Ahnentafel report

I’m having an issue with printing a customized sentence in Ahnentafel report. The sentence (as altered in RM8 Windows 11) appears correctly on the Edit Person screen, but does not print correctly.
For instance: was born … at 13 Water Street in Danvers… prints out as was born… in 13 Water Street, Danvers…

Is there a way to ‘force’ the customized sentence to print as I want it?

Allen S

Yes, see the options under “Field Options” here

While this is very informative, I don’t see where it addresses my concern.
I can modify (customize) the sentence just fine. It shows up on my screen just fine. BUT, it won’t print the customization.

Unless I’m missing something in the wiki.


Please paste the exact contents of the “Customize Sentence” box so we can see what you have done and figure out how to fix it.

@BobC - Have you tried what @Easiebold is describing? If so, you will note that they are correct. The Ahnentafel seems to disregard the place details bit when adding ‘in’ or ‘at’. Doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the sentence customization.

Nope. If you examine the lower left panel when editing Principal’s sentence template in Fact Type screen… you’ll observe the checkmarked instances (ie. report types & program functions) where those sentences will even be applied. Ahnentafel is not one of them.

Can I assume there is a reason for this omission?

Presumably because it was that way in RootsMagic 7 ? Well, my guess is sentence templates are for sentences (to read a particular way) which are only in the report types offered for checkmarking.

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that RM’s sentence templates apply only to RM’s narrative reports. RM’s narrative reports can be either ancestral or descendant. There may be some exceptions to this generalization, but I can’t think of any exceptions off the top of my head.

If you would like to use a report that looks something like an Ahnentafel report which uses RM’s sentence templates, you might try RM’s narrative reports with the ancestors option to see if it meets your needs. You might need to turn off things like notes and maybe certain fact types to get the effect you wish.

Thanks everyone! I’ve been using RM from the beginning, but very seldom have actually used a report. I’ll try other types of reports and see if they do what I’m interested in.
All I wanted was a very basic report so I could verify what vitals information I might be missing in my principal ancestor line and to give myself a bit of a basic timeline with which I can do a little historical research - all using as little paper as I could.

Here’s a suggestion that involves no paper. Make a group using marking and unmarking criteria something like the following.

  • Highlight yourself in the marking and unmarking dialog for making a group.
  • Mark all your ancestors.
  • Unmark everyone for whom Birth => Date => is not Blank.

Your group will be left with your ancestors for whom the birth date is blank, including ancestors with no birth fact at all.

Filter the Index list in the left sidebar by the group you just made and use this group as a very informal “to do” list. Remove individuals from the group as you find their birth dates or even if you just make rough estimates of their birth dates when actual birth dates are hard to come by.

The same technique can be used to make groups for missing birth places or missing death facts or missing death places or any other facts of interest such as Marriage or Burial. In the case of searching for missing Marriage facts, in addition to unmarking individuals who already have a Marriage fact you will probably also wish to unmark individuals who have no spouses based on the criterion Number of Spouses => Equals => 0 because missing marriage facts are not errors for individuals who never had a spouse.

But to see how individuals are going to look in reports, there is no substitute for running a report. Any time I edit an individual, I always run a one generation descendant narrative report for them. I don’t print the report and no trees are killed. I just look at the report on the screen.

The Ahnentafel doesn’t use the sentence template. It’s only basic vital facts being used.

Thank you, Renee.
And, thank you to everyone else who has responded.
Today is a rainy Sunday afternoon–so I’m going to just play with the reports a bit to see what each does. I’ve never done that before.
With any luck, I’ll be able to stay out of trouble.

Allen S.