Adding step children to husband #2 in RM7?

Male member of family marries and spouse has two children by 1st marriage. How do I add these step children to the second husband’s tree? Have tried various methods but children always show up against their birth father. Children were not adopted by husband #2. I can change the father to husband #2 as step, but then they do not appear as children of husband #1.
Any help appreciated

After posting this question, I rebooted RM7. Program now allows addition of step children to second husband as “step”. Appears to have been hung up somehow??

I suppose that restarting RM7 may have had something do with solving you problem, but under normal circumstances restarting RM7 should not be necessary simply to link children to two different families. And adoption has nothing to do with the linking.

Children and parents can be linked by highlighting a child and doing an Add Parents or by highlighting the parents and doing an Add Child. The trick with the latter way of doing it is that you must get the right couple as a whole together when you do the linking, not just one of the parents.

One thing that can be confusing is that a child is not really linked to a parent. A child is linked to a couple. Suppose John Doe and Jane Smith are a couple as are Bill Williams and Jane Smith. Suppose John Doe and Jane Smith are biological parents of Sarah Doe and Bill Williams is Sarah’s stepfather. Sarah has to be connected to John Doe and Jane Smith as a couple and to Bill Williams and Jane Smith as a couple.

It may seem that doing it that way connects Sarah to Jane Smith twice. But that’s not the way to think about it. Sarah is not connected to John Doe at all. Sarah is not connected to Jane Smith at all, not once and certainly not twice. Sarah is not connected to Bill Williams at all. Instead Sarah is connected to John-Doe-and-Jane-Smith and Sarah is also connected to Bill-Williams-and-Jane-Smith.

Thanks Jerry,

Great explanation. I had sort of figured it out in the mean time, but your explanation that the link has to be to a couple cinched it for me.