Children born after 1st husband's death

Downloaded a file from Ancestry to RM8, ran a Problem Search and found one - Jane married Jonathan and had 3 children. Jonathan died and Jane had 3 more with another unknown partner. However all 6 children show Jonathan as their father. How do I edit/alter the family to show an unknown person as father of the last 3?

Right-click the person
Add>Add parents>Cancel (adding Father)>Select Existing Person (adding Mother)>OK
Right-click the person
Unlink>Unlink from parents>Select Jane’s marriage to Jonathan (to be unlinked as the parent spouses)>OK

Thanks for your assistance and your clear instructions. I eventually got the job done after working through the logic of the steps. Add new parents first, THEN unlink from the original pair.

I have two occurrences of where children were born 6 to 9 months after the father died – one of them was likely conceived within a week of the fathers death ---- I was like “wow!”, this can happen. Usually, it is children are accidentally added to wrong couple and just need to be to be linked to correct parents.

Another issue to be aware of: make sure the father’s death date is actually correct. Since you’re downloading from your own Ancestry tree, probably not an issue. But I have seen this problem when downloading data from FamilySearch, since it’s a shared tree.