Add New Media obstructive filter

On a fact, Add New Media opens a file list that is not all of the media in the Media Folder. Filtering the list has no constructive purpose that I can see. I put a copy of my media file into the Media Folder, now I want to link to it. It is invisible because I have not needlessly selected Image, Doc, Audio, or Video. Please, just show one list of all types of content in the Media Folder, star-dot-star. (PDF is not always a doc.)

Spot on! No reason to have to select media type other than jpg to add other file formats like PDF, Pages, Docx, etc. FTM 2019 lets you add all file types directly via menu or dragging 1 or more items to the person’s media pane.

Rooty – I would like the displayed list to include all file types at once. I do not want to see just my .jpg, .doc, .ods, or mp4 files. I want all files to display as they would in Windows Explorer – the old “.” (which does not print on this message board) – that is, the old star-dot-star – every computer format for me to select the item without having to pre-select a filter.