Media not used or 0 Tags

How can you get a list of media items linked to RM8 but not used (0 tags)? Is there a filter report or function one can use?

This would let you remove such items from RM and then from your Finder media folder. It is easy to get duplicates and disconnected items but hard to filter them out.

There was a discussion on this very topic just a couple of days ago. I will try and find it.

EDIT: I now see that the request for a filter was in a post on a similar but different topic which you actually contributed to - so you are probably correct to introduce this as a standalone topic.

Media List report. Save to xlsx and open with spreadsheet program. Filter on “Not connected”.

Another way is a sqlite query.

Tom, this only finds thumbnails in Media which can’t find the actual media it is pointing to. What this subject is about is to locate actual media (wherever you store it) that has no tags to any person or event.

This can be done on the same basis (I assume) as “Show unused places”

Not so–Tom is right on topic. I tried this and it works for my mac. There is no show unused items in sources or media unlike places.

If you know what item is unlinked or unused you can fix or remove it in RM8 and then take care of the actual media file in Finder.

Despite FTM 2019 fighting me all the way I keep media in family subfolders to make it possible to see duplicates, missing items or misfiled ones. RM8 is much better at media finding, fixing and coping with organized media folders.

Sorry, I did misinterpret. You are correct. There is no “show unused (untagged) media” function and has not been from RM4 and maybe earlier onward. Almost 9 years ago, I developed this script to remove unused media from the Media Gallery:
It leaves the media files untouched - just deletes the link to them from the database.

The question of redundant or unneeded media files is a trickier one. Not so tricky if you have a media folder dedicated to the database in question and none of its contents are needed by any other database or application. I tried to address that around the same time with this procedure:
You can see that it is complex.

Thanks Tom, we are definitely on the same page here. Interesting that you have flagged this as a problem since RM4. So obviously it’s in the too hard basket for the RM team :wink: Does this mean that the coding to run the “Show unused places” is quite different to what we are wishing for?

Have had a look at your link and indeed I do find it rather daunting. I will endeavor to try it and hope that I fully understand your set up procedure to make it work correctly. My media folder is dedicated to my RM database.

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