Adding Media to RM 8

Yesterday I worked for 3 hours trying to add media to a person in my RM 8 file, but each time it said the link was broken. I tried the fix broken links with no success. I also tried several other photo’s to other individuals with the same results. Today I went into family search and easily added the photo. I then added it easily to RM 7. I can’t link it to RM 8 from either program. Any suggestions?

How are you trying to add the media? Are you using drag and drop or are you locating the media file by its Filename and adding it that way? Both options are circled in red below. Are both options not working for you

Sometimes a particular file just won’t behave properly and you have to duplicate it or run it through other apps and back to fix it. Try another file or copy.

However, RM8 does not handle non-photos properly unless you choose file type Files over Image each time. Perhaps this is an issue for you. FTM does not care about file types and accepts anything just fine one or more at a time.

What format do you use if you have scanned a document and placed it in a file and point RM8 to that file–Image or File?

Not a choice you have to make if you select Drop new media you can drop a .jpg or a pdf, docx, xlsx - doesn’t matter. Drop new media does not care about file types and accepts anything just fine.

If you use the Drop new media option, it automatically picks the right type. If you use the icon, circled in the graphic below, with the top as Image …it will only let you add image files (.jpg, .png, .tif, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, ETC.), If the top option is selected as File instead of Image, the icon circle in the graphic below will let you select all file types including non-image types such as the typical (.pdf) that is used most often to embed one or more images into a non-image file container

Thanks kbens0n. Good to know.

Thanks for your replies today.

Thank you so much. The little box on the right worked perfectly.
I’m loving RM community already. Paul Woodhouse

Terry: drop did work without selecting the file type. However you cannot copy paste to the drop area but have to actually drag. Also non-image files once in RM8 do not display a preview thumbnail. You have to open them in their parent app to see what they are. FTM shows what they are for all file types.

Yes I am aware that you actually have to drag - oh what a chore! So FTM opens docx and xlsx files from within the program without having to open the parent MS program? I don’t think a thumbnail of a complex spreadsheet would be much help for any form of identification. I think you are clutching at straws here. It works fine

Again standards differ. Copy…paste/move is easier and safe from finger twitches. Seeing 30 generic thumbnails for Pages and PDF media tells me nothing versus showing a census document, news clippings, birth certificate, etc. You can at once see if you have duplicates under different file names, are missing an item you thought was added, etc.

95% of my media are PDFs since they are readily combined and open smoothly in Preview for review and information mining.

Thanks, this helps. I also learned how to download photos.