Why so many married at young age?

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It depends on the culture.

I am new and I have several, married after births and many over 50 years marrying as well as 10 & 11 year olds. I have been to many and I don’t know how to correct them… Thanks

As Renee says, it all depends.

From a UK perspective, marriages after birth and marriages when over 50 aren’t so unusual, though the latter tend to be second marriages. Marriage at 10 or 11 would be very unusual, if not illegal. If in the UK, I would be carefully checking whether the ages were/are correct.

Thank you, I have so many, that I believe some where along the line their dates were changed. I have several getting married after 100…lol… I can see the 16, 16, 17 year olds getting married, however, I can’t see them giving birth after say 50 and to me that’s a stretch. I downloaded the ged from ancestry. I appreciate all your help !!!

Without knowing the provenance of what you are downloading, those are the sort of errors that may result. In my opinion (and I suspect others on here), you are better creating your own tree and slowly using sources from sites such as Ancestry or Family Search to validate your deductions, or at least convince yourself that the sources make you deductions almost certainly correct.

I have worked on tree information on Family Search, and it is not uncommon for someone to have assumed that if the family name is X and the parents’ first names are Y and Z, and there were children born in England, then it must all be the same family. Even when the baptisms are all in, say, the county of Lancashire, it doesn’t seem to have dawned on them that baptisms in different towns almost certainly mean that they are from different families.

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