Pregnant before marriage

Can anyone please suggest how I can search my database to find mothers who were pregnant when they married? In other words, mothers who had a child less than 9 months after the date of marriage. I’m not being judgemental here by the way, I just want to understand how personal relationships were conducted in previous generations of my family. Thanks

There isn’t anyway that I’m aware of. The Problem Alerts only have one for born before parents marriage, not born to soon after parents marriage.

Well, my grandmother always used to say “The first one can come anytime, but the next one takes nine months.”


I like that, your grandmother was clearly a wise lady !!

Steve-- since the mother was already pregnant before marriage, did you record that her future husband was the father of the child? or did you record UNKNOWN or NO SPOUSE for the father of the child?

If you recorded unknown or no spouse, you could get a list of mothers ( or fathers) with no spouses from the couple list


Unfortunately— you can NOT make a report of this BUT could make a screen shot and then work down the list-- unfortunately this would also include any mother that you don’t know who the husband was…

just a thought

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I didn’t quite get what you meant until I tried it, but your suggestion gave me exactly what I needed. RM’s Unknown spouse is the key I think. And I discovered an error in my database! Thank you.