Where to add Source Detail?

Once I’ve added a source to a fact, I cannot figure out how to add to the source detail, like specific page, further notes, or just the quality of the citation.

Yet another part of the learning curve in switching from 7 to 8. I just don’t see where to add detail for a specific citation.

Once your source is either added new, or selected from an existing entry, find the “next” button in the lower right-hand corner to continue to the citation details. The quality information is added once the citation is completed. Look to the right-side panel; you may have to slide your footnote down to see the Quality section.

How do I do this with a source already added?

As in the case where I entered a source but did not have the detail handy at the moment.

from the Edit Person screen, click in the citation box to start the citation process and hit the plus sign to add. It will bring up the Source screen where you choose Select Existing Source. See the screen shot above. See the RM Wiki here: RM Wiki Working with Sources

Again, I am NOT trying to edit an existing source.

I have already added a source to a person’s fact, and I would like to add the page number to that person/fact/source.

I know how to add detail to the source WHEN I ADD IT, but I cannot yet find a way to add the detail to the source at a later time.

Are you trying to add a field to an existing source that you neglected to add? If so, you must go back to the Source and add the field there. See the Wiki. If the field you want to update exists on the citation, open the field in the right-hand box, update and save (check box). Again, see Wiki. Or post some screenshots as it’s not clear what you are missing. In RM8 documentation added to a fact has two parts, a Source (with source detail) and a Citation (with citation detail). If you have completed both parts, your screen should look like my second screen shot, use the right hand box to edit.

I am trying to add detail to a couple of sources for ONE SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL. The sources are fine by themselves, but one is a book, to which I need to add the detail of a specific page for that one individual; the other is a census record where I want to add specific data about that particular family. I’ve done it hundreds of time in RMG7. Following is an example.

Does the template that you used for the History of Jasper County, Missouri have a page field in it? If it does, then click the > by the citation name. You will get an edit citation box. IN the citation details box, you can enter a page into the appropriate page field. If it does not, then you need to edit the template that you use so that it includes a page field.

I did not use a template; this was free form. And I used this as an example to show where I was trying to add detail at the record level

And I have used this source for three different individuals, with three different page numbers and three different detail data. I ALREADY added the source; I need to be able to add detail at a later time.

In RMG7, this is a simple matter of adding the source to a person/fact, and at that time or later adding more specific detail to the source related to that specific citarion.

I do not need to know how to ADD it; I need to know how to EDIT it once it is added.

Even with a Free Form citation, all edits are done in the Right-Side Column labeled “Edit Citation.”

I told you how to edit it. Click the citation name, the edit window pops up. You edit it from there.

I recreated your source to show you how to do this. You see something like this after clicking the down arrow where it says Master Source, right under Edit Citation

If you have the page number manually entered into your Footnote and Short Footnote, click each in turn and add the page number. If you actually used the Page Number field in the citation details previously, then add it there.