Where is the function :“Count Trees”

From a previous message where is the function :“Count Trees” ??

I use Rootsmagic as a repository for all records, many of them unique people, with no known families. Mainly because the person details have been gleaned from books or surnames spellings are different, and not directly from run of the mill genealogy databases. Gradually over the years more info is found that links the families.

So in my instance I have 100’s of families with only 1 person, Rootsmagic tells me I have 1300 families. But it would be handy to know the unique trees.

With your file open–on left hand side
Click on Tools
Highlight Count the number of Trees-
Run selected tool
and you will get a box pop up with the Tree Count

You can actually go to each person’s tree if you want BUT then have to go back and run the tree count again…

Make sure you have a Back Up of your file before doing anything…

That is fantastic. Just so handy.


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Click on the command palette icon (top right of most pages) then type ‘cou’ in the search box of the new window and select ‘Count trees’ from the short list.