Families in tree that aren't related to anyone else

I discovered a family in my tree which isn’t related to anyone else in the tree. I have no idea how I did this. Is there a way in RM7 to scan the whole tree to detect such situations? As for what I do going forward, I know I can delete them but I hate doing that. Is there a way to remove them from my tree and move them to another new tree? It would be great if I could do this in one transaction.

The function :“Count Trees”, gives you all trees that are not connected to other trees in your data base

Not sure what you mean by

Are you saying you want to move this family line to a whole new database or that you somehow attached an unrelated family to say gg-grandpa and want to unlink them?

I love the Count Trees function.

I do wish that it could revert to the same functionality it had in version 7 and earlier when it actually counted the trees and would result in a numbered list of all the trees in a database, so I could see that there were 17 trees in a DB, instead of listing them for me to count myself.

I didn’t realize that first column where the individual trees were numbered was missing on Count Trees. I just reported it to development.

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I appreciate everyone’s responses. I’m sorry I didn’t thank you earlier. I didn’t know about the Count Tree function. I had no idea that one could have multiple trees in one database. As soon as I get some time I intend to figure out what I did because, to my surprise, I have more unconnected trees than just the one I discovered. Again, thank you!