Isolating Trees

How do I isolate a particular family within a larger one? I have a larger family in RM9, and I need to isolate, or remove, one particular family, as a tree. I think this one family is corrupting my ability to add groups on the other trees, or families. I’m presuming that any one particular person can be the “top” of a tree. And, in fact, the data that’s causing me all my problems, was first developed with Ancestry by others in my family, then added to RM.


Separate trees in the database will show the person with the lowest record number in that tree. Unless you really have corruption in your database one particular person/family would not effect being able to add people to a group or tree. You would have to give more details on what is happening that makes you believe that is happening. Are you just trying to exclude them when creating a group? You could use the UnMark option.

Sounds like you know the family so you can drag & drop them into a New Database. Backup main database & then delete the people. Have never heard of issue with adding Groups. Good Luck