When will RootsMagic8 be available in a CD format?

When will RootsMagic8 be available in a CD format?

As most new devices no longer have CD/DVD drives probably never. Is there really any point because as soon as you install a program (inlcuding RM7) from a CD the first thing you have to do is to go online and update to the latest version - so you might just as well have done this in the first place and used the CD as a coaster for your coffee mug :slight_smile:


hey i still have a laptop with a cd in fact couple atleast it would be nice to have the program on flash drive …

DO NOT SAY WELL YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT!!! how can anyone download it Without Internet Access??? and power

take note of hurricane Ida recently 9 days in my area Without power being brought in… another 5 without internet access down here in Louisiana… and no businesses would be open for business to gather except maybe the grocery stories which have a generator (in various other areas it took more than 2 weeks to get power back)

so back to a cd or flash drive… its a device that has the program on it… just like i have a couple other programs…

and atleast i would be able to install or reinstall the program without internet access

food for thought…

oh ya, i have been through earthquakes in southern cal as well

take care

It IS available on a USB drive and has been for some months. Cost of a license + $10.00 + Shipping. It is a 4GB drive and is probably not the current update.

I am betting that two weeks with no power, then your computer was likely dead in the water so installing software was probably pretty unlikely. If you are so disturbed by the lack of a CD, why don’t you DOWNLOAD the installer and burn it to your own CD…or store it on a flash drive?

Just keep in mind, if it were available on a CD from the release date then it would already be way out of date as a number of updates have been released and they wouldn’t be sending you a new disc every time they issued an update. Even buying the flash drive, the installer will be out of date within a month or two.

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hey there,

i have a lot of old and new programs and updates from the last 10 years i use on 1 harddrive i like to know the installer is already apart of the download process

as far as the 2 weeks, with hurricane ida, i was barely on my laptop as my wife and i have them packed in case we had to get out… i did use my phone some but that required a recharge nearly every other day… not easy…

It is a device that has an out of date superseded copy of the program on it. if you install from it then it will tell you to go online and download the latest update.

…and so your argument for releasing the program on CD is basically pointless if you already have the installer downloaded to your hard drive…and since you aren’t using your laptop, then it really doesn’t matter if you have a CD even though you argued for one so that you could install the program during a natural disaster. seems like you are running yourself in stupid circles.

There are no current plans for CDs. Before we offered the USB drives we tracked the requests for CDs and the demand was far below any cost effective production run. Many computers no longer have DVD drives, the Macs don’t have them, so that was a significant consideration. The USB drives can hold the installer for both the Windows and Mac versions. The user can also update it themselves if they want to have a current download of the installer on it.

how big is the program file these days for everything,

Sizes are given at Download RootsMagic 8