What information is in a GEDCOM?

OK, I get that. But how can it then be, that I can upload my tree with sources, either by GEDCOM (from Gramps) or by sending that GEDCOM through RootsMagic and TreeShare?

My guess is that your sources are non standard, so they don’t fit in Ancestry’s database, but this can only be confirmed by seeing a sample, either as a screen shot, or a piece of GEDCOM.

My source is free form. Go to my Bettola tree on Geneanet and you will see my sources. Almost everything is source and citation. The format that ancestry uses is not the document but possible url. That is the hook.

I saw a couple of trees on Geneanet with people named Bettola in them, and one of those had Ancestry URLs as source, indeed. They will not be very effective for visitors without an Ancestry account though, and it should be possible to get something like a source title in that same field. That’s what I have anyway, both on Geneanet and Ancestry, and RootsMagic should be able to cope with that.

I am trying to replace those url. The media file showing ancestry url and the red X are being deleted. They never served any meaningful purpose since most of the hints I received were from other trees used my data. I used historical locations as identified in original records and when that showed in hints I knew where they got the information. I appreciate your input.