What are your MOST missed keyboard shortcuts in RM8?

Is there a way to implement a basic search without using the mouse? I can TAB to input information, I can use TAB or ENTER to go to the next field, even SHIFT+TAB or ENTER+TAB to go back. Nothing seems to go to the Find option.

I’ve reported this and received no feedback. One reason I stopped using the beta is because it was so clicky.

As someone who’s always preferred the keyboard over a mouse I feel discriminated against. LOL

I also wish you could save searches but that’s for another topic. :slight_smile:


Pressing F2 opens the Command Pallette, then type the word find and press Tab key

Find Everywhere has the same behavior as the Person Search. You cannot initiate the search from the keyboard. You have to use the mouse and click Find.

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Without reading all the responses to my original post, I’ll simply add that after actually using RM8 now, I still really really miss, on the initial input person screen, the shortcut to OK. (I’m using a Mac)
You cannot use ESC for that screen, no matter how much I retrain my brain to use ESC for other screens.

PLUS the shortcut keys for Add Source, Memorise Source, Paste Source - although with RM8 I guess Paste Source would have to be Paste aka Reuse source.

And still very much miss that inability to tab across to the rh edit panel when on an edit person fact.

ALT-O (note that capital O is underlined) switches from the (customizable) entry screen to the Edit Person screen (and then one CAN hit ESC to exit that second window and return to the main view screen).

Right on point. All other mac genealogy programs work normally to mac os standards, have no access violation nonsense and do not hog 20 to 60% cpu. Windows users do not seem too happy with what they got either.

not on Mac that I can see, or make work.
Although my original post stated I use a Mac, the recent one didn’t. I have edited it to show that.

Note than the ALT windows key usually can be replaced by Option or Control IF the program follows mac os conventions which RM8 does not. ESCape will close out of most popup screens but may not save changes without clicking Bruce’s checkmark icon.