Keyboard Shortcut for Exiting Edit Person Screen

I’m back to my periodic efforts to use RM7 and RM8 in parallel, doing the same simple tasks on both. One of the most frustrating little things in RM8 is the lack of a keyboard shortcut to exit the Edit Person screen. This would be a normal Close exit where everything is saved, not a Cancel exit where nothing is saved.

RM7 had Alt-O which worked great. The Close button had an underscore under the letter “o” so you knew that Alt-O would do a Close. Nothing even remotely like that seems to work in RM8. Actually, the ESC key seems to work. If that’s the intended behavior, then that’s just so wrong. An ESC is supposed to indicate escape or cancel type of operations, not save type of operations that are a part of a normal exit.

So I wonder if this could be addressed in a positive fashion. Closing out of the Edit Person screen is something that every single RM user does very frequently. Therefore, I would hope that a simple and obvious hotkey could be supported for this important function, not the ESC key, and not a “playing the piano” solution that would require clicking several keys simultaneously. It should be no more than two keys. For example, Ctrl-W and Alt-F4 are somewhat standard functions to close a window. Ctrl-W would be much preferable to Alt-F4.

I have the feeling this has been discussed before, but if so then I couldn’t find the previous discussion.


Upon further review, Alt-F4 already works. I’ll try to start using it. It’s just that the function keys such as F4 are harder to get at than something like Ctrl-W, especially when they are combined with the Alt key.

Another is Shift-Tab to get back up to the checkmark (Save) icon

I can’t get that one to work. Am I doing something wrong?

I wonder if this is a Windows thing rather than something RM8 has enabled. What is the Mac equivalent, and does it work with RM8?

Upon further review, it does seem to do a Save, but the checkmark doesn’t go away. I’m going to have to play with this one a while to totally understand what is going on.

On mac ESC works just fine, is a large key and easy to hit. You could also set up a keyboard shortcut for just RM8 in system preferences keyboard.

When I develop on Windows I have to use the & to precede the letter on the button. This causes it to have the underline. Eg &Close. Then ALT + C works in the app.

I don’t know if RM8 authors use same approach. These differ to dedicated hotkeys.

totally agree that ESC is so WRONG for saving instead of “get me out of here” and not saving

FWIW I’ve just completely accidentally found that in most circumstances CMD+W toclose seems to work for me on Mac RM8 8.2.5

One of the prior shortcut posts was this one

It’s been a Windows standard accelerator for quite some time. It appears as the Close accelerator in the Window menu (top left icon on window caption bar) of most window objects. For a list of some of the standard accelerators …

The 1st shortcut on the above list is a solution to the Screens disappearing behind main screen issue:

... (a bit off-topic ... click to expand) ...

Interestingly, the 1st shortcut on the above list works for me to top a hidden Edit Person window … IF there is no other maximized application on the same display as RM8.

ALT+ESC switches to the next application (which for me is usually the Chrome browser on the other display.)

When I do this, the child Edit Person window pops up on top of the main RM8 window … and although it does not have focus, I can click it with the mouse to both reactivate RM8 and leave the edit window on top with focus.

So it becomes an ALT+ESC then LMB click protocol to bring a hidden edit window forward.

the person edit screen is easily closed on a mac with ESC, or the standard Command W combination. both shortcuts are easy to hit and commonly used.

I believe Jerry is on a Windows based machine, so what a Mac does is highly irrelevant to this topic.