Alt key requested for adding person

Please would you add the “alt o” to the “close” tab? Pretty please with sugar on it? It is brutal adding people… Having to take my hands off the keyboard to click “close”

This issue has been much discussed in the past. The Alt-O for Close was an RM7 feature to close the Edit Person screen that was not carried forward into RM8 and RM9. It’s a feature much missed by some users, including by me. Most of the time, I end up needing to switch to the mouse to close out of the Edit Person window. It’s very irritating.

There actually are a couple of alternatives to avoid switching over to the mouse to close the Edit Person screen.

  • One of the alternatives is the Esc key. It does work and it does cause everything you have entered to be saved. But I would never use this alternative in a million years. That’s because the Esc key is too embedded in my brain as a Cancel key that causes all changes not to be saved.
  • The other alternative is Alt+F4. The best I can tell, it’s much more of a Windows thing than an RM thing. It’s Windows function is to close the current window. For example, if you use it while in the main RM9 window then it closes the main RM9 window and shuts down RM9. I personally Alt+F4 much harder to use than Alt+O. However, one virtue of Alt+F4 is that it also works on RM7

I’m speaking from a Windows perspective. That makes he suspicious of the Esc key option and the Alt+F4 option because I have no idea how or if they work on a Mac.