What are these hidden fields?

Has anyone else noticed that the index window pane has two hidden fields. Look at the vertical line between the home, files, people, etc column and the index line that has name, born, died on it. If you click and hold on that line you will get the normal double arrow that says you can drag a line. Then drag the vertical line to the right and it will open up a new column in the index with zeroes and ones in it. If you do the same thing again you get another column, also the with zeroes and ones in it, but not the same as the other column. So what are these columns used for? Debugging maybe?


The left-most column is the Color Coding color and the next to the right is whether Given Name or Alternate Name.

Right, I had it figured out just before you replied. My database uses two colors, red and green. The first column is 0 for no color, 1 for red and 9 for green. The second column is obvious. 0 for alternate name, 1 for primary name.

Cool discovery. Perhaps an intermediate register of sqlite query results followed by the processing of the colour and alt name graphics in the name field. Either for speed of display or for debugging.

Interestingly, I don’t have those two columns. I did color code one person to see what it looked like, and the color bar shows up, but no 1 or 0 for the names. Maybe it is a setting that I am unaware of.