Web Hints - Pending

I have three people that show 1 web hint pending from Ancestry.com. But when I follow the link, all of the hints are accepted. If it says I have 15 hints total and one pending, when I count them, I only see 14. Any Ideas?

If it is pending, then it makes sense that it is not counted among the known hints. I am not certain what criteria has to be met to make a pending hint a full hint.

There used to be an issue with Ancestry Hints where or when Ancestry migrated a category of Hint to a different category (sometimes just a name of category change - others a merge of categories or similar) . These will appear in RM WebHints as a phantom WebHint until all of the Ancestry Servers catch up.

Check online to see how many Hints Ancestry is indicating for that Person Card (accepted/pending & etc.) . If that online Person Card says 14 pending & RM WebHints has 15 pending , then likely a phantom Hint in Ancestry hint system.

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