Want to make changes to homepage layout

I want to make changes to the home page links placements.
Please let me say I do have some HTML experience from my old site with TMG but rusty.

I have attached what I want to do in a attached picture.

I have seen similar videos on how to do this on RM videos but my RM9 publishing to RM personal site does not have same information available to change when publishing.

I think I would need to make the changes in the actual rootsmagic file before I publish to RM personal site.

Do I need to open extensions on rootsmagic file on my computer to find the home/index HTML file?

Thanks in advance

You don’t edit the personal tree that uploads to the RM hosting. If you want to alter your tree, you need to generate the HTML website and edit it. Then comes the problem of needing to host it because you can’t upload it to myrootsmagic.com (or whatever the site is now).

You are rather limited to a few settings, adding some url links and changing landing page images, As @kfunk said – unless you go with the publishing the static html on host (usually not free). If you want more advances optios you would need something like a PHP site like https://tngsitebuilding.com/

I had a TNG site years ago and almost went back. I went with this program because it was a lot like that without the cost. The promotional videos were what sold me.
Although it doesn’t work the way the videos say it is still a good option.
If I do Dropbox will that give me the flexibility I am looking for?

Can I at least remove the repeated links at the bottom that are on the side menu?

TNG lives on a webserver somewhere, Rootsmagic installs locally. TNG works really well in conjunction with RM however that is where the similarities really end. I am not certain what videos you watched however some of the functionality you are asking about has never existed in the RM hosted sites. I also am not sure what Dropbox has to do with anything. Dropbox is simply a place to store files for accessibilty. You can’t run a website from it.

kfunk, When I was researching different programs, I came across RM9 site and watched some of the videos that are associated with it. Not only on the RM site but on youtube also.

I guess I should have researched more.

I just think it is redundant (and doesn’t look good) if the same links are in the body of the home page and also on the side bar.

in TNG?
The menu and look are largely determined by what TEMPLATE you have chosen. However, if you want to adapt the PHP code – you nearly unlimited options (limited only by the skills of the person adapting the code).


Are you aiming to only change the landing page for rearrangement and okay with keeping all other pages exactly as RM generated (including navigation)?

If so, you can certainly TRY making those minor changes involving changing the index.htm(l) and styles.css files. The approach would be to:

  • create a website locally in a folder to be for editing. Edit those files for the outcome desired.
  • initiate the planned upload to MyRootsMagic
  • repeat the website creation just as before (all the same answers), but to a different folder
  • when you get to the screen with the Publish button don’t continue right away.
  • use Windows Explorer to copy the .htm(l) and .css files that you edited in that other (for_edit)folder and overwrite them in this (for_upload)folder.
  • press the Publish button

If it doesn’t work, oh well!

As I said I have some HTML experience as I have created web pages years ago and made adjustments in TMG when I had that program.
But I am so rusty now that if it’s not a simple straight forward adjustment (which this isn’t) I would rather just leave as is. Just looks tacky.
But I do appreciate you thinking about it for me.