Using Advanced Search to Identify Duplicated Facts

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Some assitance please, I can remember tidying up my RM9 database late last year and am sure I was able to use the advanced search feature to identify duplicated facts i.e. when a person had 2 Birth or Death entrys, which I could then delete the ones that were either wrong or redundant duplicates

I must be getting old, but max effort has yielded no result, I just can’t find out exactly how I did it.

Guidance much appreciated


Tools > Add or modify fact types > Print > List Type > People w/ more than 1

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I’m not aware of any way to do it with Advanced Search. The way I know how to do it is in the Fact List.

In the Fact List, select your fact and click the Report button. Then choose the option that says People w/ more than 1: You can only process one fact type at a time.

This will be a static report that you can print or save as a file. As such, it will satisfy your need. But it will not be an active list that you can work with live as you can with results from an Advanced Search. Advanced Search already has an option that allows you to test whether a fact exists or not. This allows you to determine if the number of occurrences is 0 or more than 0. It would be nice if there was an option that would allow you to specify an actual number of occurrences such as you can do with Number of Spouses or Number of Sets of Parents. That way, you could work your list of duplicated facts from a live list of people instead of from a static report.

The Fact List can be a little hard to find, but there are multiple ways to find it. For example, you can find it from the Command Palette and you can also find it from the 3 Dots icon in the upper right hand corner of any person screen. There will be two 3 Dots icons, one above the other. It will be the one on the bottom.


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Thanks so much


Thanks very much problem solved