Use marriage details

I want to include marriage details in my descendant chart. I have added the details but they do not appear when I am entering the data on the spreadsheet. Nor do they appear when I generate a report. How can I show these details?

Unfortunately, since there are no spouses shown for descendants in a descendant chart, there are no marriage details shown either. Similarly, the ancestor chart does not show ancestor marriage details. A box chart (descendant option) may be your only choice.

Thank you for your prompt response.
I have only been using RootsMagic for one week, so am very new to its use! However, I have created a Descendant Chart using the Publish menu and all the spouses are shown in this chart. Is this the box chart to which you refer? If so, how can I add the marriage dates to this chart?
Thank you for any help which anyone is able to offer.

OK, prior answer was away from my PC (SORRY). I was mixing up reports in my head, but still… there are no options for selecting Facts to include. A far as charts go, it’s as I said, there’s such an option under Box Chart:

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Thank you so much for clarifying this for me.