Uploading of Shared Images from RM 8 to Ancestry

Something strange seems to be happening when uploading to Ancestry from RM8 with images attached to facts that are shared.
I have my Great Grandfathers entry for the 1911 UK census. In RM 8 I created a fact of type Census (family) which has a .jpg image of the census page attached to it as media.
I then shared this fact with the other 5 occupants of the house my Great Grandmother, and their 4 children, my Grandfather, another son and 2 daughters. In RM 8 the fact and the associated .jpg image all appear in the profiles for each of the 6 occupants of the house.
I uploaded this tree to Ancestry, with the upload media box ticked. On looking at the created Ancestry tree I find that the the associated census .jpg appears in the profile gallery for the 2 adults and the 2 brothers but not for the 2 sisters (who happen to be twins).
All the other media that I have uploaded seems to be there, but of course there could well be other items missing.
Is there a limit on Ancestry as to how many people a single image can be shared with, the 2 sisters are the youngest siblings so if there is a limit perhaps this is why they were excluded?
I would be grateful for any thoughts.

So I experimented with removing the shared fact and creating individual census facts for each individual about the same census entry and using the same .jpg files for each person as the media entry.
And… It worked each of the Family Members now has the census fact and each family member show the .jpg file. So in future I think that I will avoid shared facts and create individual facts.
I am unsure whether there is a way to copy facts so that I do not have to retype each one?

There is no way in RM to copy facts. My sense is that the designers intend that you share facts rather than copy facts. Because you can share facts, the idea is that there is no need to copy facts and that’s probably why copying facts is not supported. But I could be wrong about their intentions.

I’m actually surprised that your Census (family) fact transferred to Ancestry as well as it did. A Census (family) fact is a couple fact just like Marriage and Divorce and Ancestry doesn’t really support couple facts as couple facts. Rather, each spouse has their own individual copy of facts such as Marriage. Somehow or other, TreeShare has to navigate the difference in the RM data model for couple facts where there is one fact which is linked to the couple as a whole and the Ancestry data model that duplicates couple facts as two separate individual facts. I think TreeShare mostly handles this cleanly, but users sometimes report problems with couple facts going back and forth properly between RM and Ancestry.

I’m further surprised that your shared facts work at all between RM and Ancestry. My understanding has long been that Ancestry doesn’t support shared facts and that therefore shared facts were lost when TreeShare transfers them from RM to Ancestry. But of course you were talking about the images associated with the shared facts, not about the shared facts themselves. Maybe TreeShare has a partial support of shared fact that I wasn’t aware of.

A long time ago I decided not to share RM’s facts such as Census because of problems in transferring my data to sites such as Ancestry and FamilySearch. So I do give each person their own individual Census fact. I therefore wish RM supported the copying of facts. In my case, I would have to edit a Census fact after I copied it because I customize the census note for each person. But if RM supported copying facts, at least I would not have to re-enter the basic date, place, and citation information for each Census fact that I wish I could copy.

Iirc, shared events are converted to individual events when exported to GEDCOM (maybe only GEDCOM with the RM special features option unchecked). Perhaps, RM is doing the same with a TreeShare upload. And maybe this is a new enhancement in RM8 because I don’t recall this capability in RM7.

RM Magic Guide: FAQ: WebHints & TreeShare for Ancestry
“4. Are the RootsMagic “Shared” facts and their sources included for each person when the database is uploaded to Ancestry?
Shared facts and their sources only appear on the original person’s record when uploaded to Ancestry. When shared facts are added after the original upload, they will only be available to move to Ancestry from the original person’s record. Shared facts are not included in GEDCOM, either."

Thank you to all for your replies. What I do not understand is why the media uploaded to all of the rest of the family except for the 2 sisters. I cannot have a closer look at the tree that I originally uploaded as I have deleted the tree from Ancestry and replaced it with the one that shows the census entries and data for all the family.

My concern now is that there may well be other shared facts that will have the same issue. Is there a way within RM 8 to search for shared facts so that I can go through and make the shared facts individual?

Thanks to @rzamor for the Magic Guide, I was not aware of these, very interesting. I found some guides at this page RootsMagic Magic Guides but cannot find more up to date guides including the one that @rzamor1 sent. Where would I find these please.

Again thanks for the assistance.

The one Renee linked is the most up to date accessory guide to Tree Share (dated June 28, 2017)

I assume that there is a Web Site that contains these up to date guides. I have searched but failed to find it. Could you provide a URL please.


Not certain what website you want. You already quoted the Magic Guide URL in your previous post


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Thank you for your reply.
I just thought that there might be some more up to date guides dealing with current releases like RM 8.
But I guess not

Pretty much all of the RM8 specific stuff has been added to the RM Wiki. The Wiki is the general, all purpose help system. It is at wiki.rootsmagic.com.