Unexpected Error: Writing over existing database

With latest version of RM9 on my Mac, I attempted to create a new blank database. I saved the file which happened to be the same name as an existing one. A message box popped up giving me choice to replace old file, which I chose to do. Abruptly the program aborted with no error message. I assume this is a bug?

Could be. Is it repeatable?

You “saved the file” cannot be an accurate description of the step you took. There is no such control. Presumably you OK’d the replacing of the existing database file in the error message.

I appreciate being accurate … I went to save the file be pressing Ok button … following the pressing of the Ok button, then the app aborted with no other error message …

Many many bugs in RM9. Try using a different name for the new file and delete the old file in Finder/Win Explor IF Desired.

Thank you. All good, know how to work around. Just interesting I stumbled over another bug in a very simple scenario!

I have that happen a lot where I will be working in RM and suddenly it just disappears completely ( didn’t hit backup or anything) and no error message BUT when I open it again-- everything is okay and any info I had added is still there-- just not in the backup since I didn’t overwrite the backup…

Fortunate! Still, being careful and cautious is still necessary.

I can see the difference between the Windows and Mac version. The Mac version shows the Replace option and the Windows one does not. It shouldn’t be replacing the file, which it correctly doesn’t. It should just leave you with that final message the “A file with that name already exists”, click OK. It will go back to the File screen to create or open a database. Preferably there you would just open the existing file with that name. I am not seeing any crashing. The only problem is a screen that we need to remove.

Thank you for response. I did try to replicate error again from scratch and app did not abort on retry. So, I’ll have to rack the brain to re-identify pre-conditions that might have been a trigger originally.

It happens to me on Windows also BUT @Handy almost 100% sure you can NOT replicate the error again as in my case there has been no rhyme or reason to when or how it happens–I can be working in RM–stop for a minute and all of a sudden it closes by itself— I can be working in another program for 35 minutes or more and look up and RM closes-- it appears to be just a glitch in the system–if it happened when I had just one particular database open, I would say it had to do with that one database BUT it has happened on different databases. Unfortunately since it wasn’t saved, you can’t submit the database to Support…


Hi @nkess. The non-reproducible random aborts are the worst kind of bugs as it doesn’t give RM Support a reliable starting point for diagnosis. As end users we can only call out that the app is behaving in this random manner, and that is the only consistent thing. I have a coding background so would expect the cause to be attributed to some internal memory violation - and I know that debugging that kind of bug is very time consuming. Not much solace for us however!

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