Double files---Why

I am a little baffled by this


My understanding was that you could NOT have 2 copies of the same database open up at one time— had opened the test database, then double clicked on the Coble-High database and you see the results-- so was I wrong abt 2 copies of the same database being opened???

That’s a surprise and not one I am able to duplicate. Can you do it repeatedly? If so, what are the exact steps?

I can’t duplicate this. Strange.

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Windows 11 RM 9 version

First— you can set Windows up to open a program with a single click BUT every time I did, eventually for some unknown reason, Windows would go back to double clicking–so I always double click to open any program…

And never had this happen until today—
Does it happen all the time— well it did for a couple of hours but not right now…

I thought maybe I had double click twice BUT it happened when I just double click once with a slight pause ( usually double click twice rapidly)

If it does happen, it will NOT happen on the 1st database you click on as the opening your Rootsmagic file screen comes up really quick-- but would happen on the 2nd file that I opened as their is a lag in how quick the opening your rootsmagic file screen comes up…

What was even stranger was that when there were 2 copies open, I added a person to one file only-- after doing so, I hit close and SKIP backup-- then closed and click on SAVE Backup on the 2nd file I did NOT change-- when I reopened the file, the new person was in there…


I had already tried slow double-clicking and repeated it just now with only the single instance of the database as a result. I vaguely recall having a duplicate open in RM8 - something to do with there having been some delay before the “Open an Existing RootsMagic file” dialog was updated to disable re-opening another instance.

That the change you made to the database instance first closed was not undone by closing the second is not a surprise because the SQLite database engine does “atomic” changes to the database file. It was updated when you made the change in the first instance. You could have seen the change inthe second instance by doing something to refresh the screen from the database file. The backup operation merely runs a ZIP compression procedure on the file which already had been changed by the first instance.

Aha! Rethinking what I last posted, instead of double-clicking, this time I repeatedly clicked rapidly for a few seconds and succeeded in opening two instances of the same database. As you reported, I can only do so from the 1st instance of the application having a different file already open.

I doubt it is wise to have two instances of the same database open because we don’t know all of what gets written to the database file and to the user file(s) and when. Some things are definitely written on closing which will affect what you see on reopening. One would need to be careful and disciplined to do one’s editing only in the one instance (the primary), using the other (the secondary) only for viewing and then closing the secondary first. Even then, watch out for unintended consequences!


Confirming the issue has been reported to development. The condition is having one database open. Then go to File, Open a RootsMagic file, and double clicking on a database in the recent list. It will open two incidents of database. Now that you know how to do it, don’t do it.


Thanks for confirming this @rzamor1 BUT it was NOT happening when I opened a file in the RECENT LIST but rather a file that had NOT been opened recently…

Maybe RM could be changed so as to support this.
There are still a number of modal windows in RM9 that prevent one from seeing other RM windows that contain the data needed to fill in the modal window’s form.
A workaround is to open a recent READ-ONLY second copy of the database and assume that the data from it is unchanged.

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