TreeShare for Ancestry - RootsMagic person not connected to anyone in my tree

I am working with the TreeShare tool that allows me to identify and correct discrepancies between my (updated) Ancestry records and those originally loaded into RootsMagic via TreeShare.

When a record indicates that a person exists in one database (in this case, Margaret Baker is listed in RootsMagic) the Ancestry side offers a list of “Unmatched” people who may correspond with the RM record. Scrolling through the suggestions, I find that none of the people suggested have any relationship or similarity to the RM person. Yet I can go to my Ancestry tree and see clearly that Margaret Baker is in fact there in Ancestry, and married to Joseph Debeau Stone.

What are ‘UNMATCHED’ people, and how can I get these to display the same information?

Unmatched means that entry in your RM database is not linked to the person in your Ancestry tree or vice versa. The list on the right side (Ancestry) are the people in the online tree that have not been linked to an entry in RM. Is the entry in RM a new entry by you of a person recently added to your Ancestry tree? Since Margaret Baker is not showing on the Ancestry side as unlinked have you checked for a duplicate (or similar) entry in RM already linked to the Margaret Baker in the Ancestry tree? Wiki help for TreeShare matching