Title line on Fan Chart question

I am using RM 9.0.2 on Windows 10.
I am testing the FAN CHART and I like it.
My question is about a multi-line title on the chart.
The editing facility for title allows me to define the line spacing in the title.
But I can see no way to insert a ‘new line’ in the title text in order to create a multi line title.
Any suggestions please?

I know inserting an html line-break code won’t work, nor will typing control-enter like with some applications such as Excel / Google Sheets.

My suggestion would be to generate the chart, save the output as an SVG file, then edit it with a graphics app that handles SVG.

Personally, I use the open-source Inkscape app for that task.

Thank you Kimberly.
I am afraid that editing vector graphics files is a little above my pay grade.
I was hoping for some keystroke combination like you mention.
The fact that I can set the line spacing seemed to imply that there is some capability to insert a new-line character or code.
AH! Maybe there’s something in the sentence template language.
I’m off to check that.

Believe it or not, it’s actually no more difficult than working in Visio (which, as a fellow IT person, I know you’ve done your fair share in that app :wink:)

The title is a text box. So here’s the steps:

  • Click on the text box
  • On the right side of the app, there’s a panel with 3 tabs … Font, Features, Text.
    Switch to the Text tab
  • Edit your text as you like. You can hit the Enter key to insert a line break.
  • Save your edited file.

Easy peasy.

I wonder…
OK, I’ll give it a whirl.
But don’t hold your breath!!

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t a PDF editor also do the trick? If I had one.

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I believe in you!

A PDF editor might work too. But I don’t have one of those, either, to give it a test for you.

You certainly can leave the Title blank (Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C the Title template text for quick re-paste after generating the chart), then edit the PDF, whether an explicit PDF edit program or even just Microsoft Edge browser. Might get an PDF-A type error warning (read-only) in some compliant editors …to which you’d choose to enable editing.

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EDGE does the trick!! Any text added anywhere. Multiple lines.
Wasn’t aware of that capability.
Sorry Kimberley, won’t need Inkscape now :frowning:
Thanks to you both. Problem solved.
It does still beg the question about the line spacing setting in RM9 but that’s for another day.

No apology needed. If @kbens0n 's solution is superior for you then I’m just as happy for you. (Besides, I learned something too from his post, so :partying_face:bonus.)