TIP - when using OneDrive with RM

OneDrive is discouraged by the RM Developer Team. However, I noticed something recently one might want to be aware of. OneDrive keep “versions”/history of you files. What I noticed recently was that I went over my 1tb quota. The issue was the versioning was sent to 1000. RootMagic just the versions of the main databases – does not included the backup themselves account for an extra 300 gb+ of spaces. I lowered to 101 and to free up that space. Keep in mind that the databases themselves are under 100mb – but when you have 1000+ versions (save each day etc) that adds up over time. You can review the links on the Microsoft page of how to makes changes. This might also depend on your OneDrive license (personal vs business). As an alumni with my college I get MS Business for life.

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