The matching pop up menu on the People screens

The little dark grey menu that pops up when you hover over a person’s name on say the Pedigree screen has an arrow on the top of it, which points to the person the menu has popped up from, and the menu generally pops up below the person’s box, with the arrow on the top edge.

But when dealing with people at the very bottom right of a chart, the grey menu box pops up above the name, but the arrow is still pointing upwards - now at the wrong person…


Here I’ve hovered over the bottom right box - Elspat or Elizabeth “Betty” Gordon, and the menu has popped up, but the arrow is now pointing at the box “Mr Mulvay”, 4 boxes up from the bottom.

At some point when the box now appears above a name, the arrow should switch to the lower edge.




I see the same thing in Pedigree view, hovering over the 6th generation at the bottom of the screen.