Sorting source types by template type

Is it possible to sort the list of source types by template type in RM9? That is, can I only see the Evidence Explained templates so that the others (Lackey and Evidence) would be filtered out or to the bottom?

Copy and rename them with an asterisk at the front of the name.

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Thanks. I can see how to copy and rename the source type. But I don’t see how to rename without copying? Are you speaking of Sources or Source Types? I’m wanting to sort the Source TYPES and putting a symbol in front of each one based on whether it is E!, EE or Lackey will work. Not having to copy first would be much easier.

So sorry–was looking at the wrong thing–it’s a shame you have to copy them–would be nice if you could mark them as FAVORITES and they would move up the list

I see a Favorites button and a Recents button on Add New Source. Do those buttons not meet your needs?

I confess I’m not bothered by this issue because I virtually never use Add New Source. Instead I nearly always use Select Existing Source. I use the Search box to filter down to one or to just a few of the existing sources to find one that’s very close to the new one I’m making. The existing source I choose will automatically be using the correct Source Template for the new source I’m making. Then I click on the Copy icon to copy the selected source, then I change the Search box to filter on the string copy. .Finally, I select that one and modify it as necessary. I change the filter on the search box to copy to avoid a finger slip where I might select the original source by accident instead of the copy as I’m making a new source.

Only by going outside RM and editing the SourceTemplateTable Name field using sqlite3 to prefix it with your chosen character.

I do exactly that in TMG, which I’m hoping to transition from. Right now I don’t have enough sources created to copy and edit. I am creating a new tree/file/database around one of my sticking points to determine which of several candidates are the correct parents. And I’m doing it from scratch in order to help learn RM9. Hence the question. I use Evidence Explained or Evidence by ESM and rarely use Lackey. I just thought it would be easier to have them sorted out to help find the source type I like to use. Thanks.