Simple questions about Photos/pdfs in Reports

A few more simple questions, prior to my purchasing RootsMagic9.

Do Reports (that show some form of Media) show both ‘photos’ and files (eg pdfs)?

Second, when the Report, Book or whatever is created, is the Media ‘fixed’ or does it remain linked to the media stored on the PC (so that if the Report is stored on the same PC as the Media, a double click could open each Media image). Seems unlikely I know.

Third, if pdfs are shown in Reports, the same as photos, presumably they couldn’t be actually read if they were pdfs created from A4 size images - they would be too small to read the detail?


You mention Reports in the lede. There’s very limited media placements in Reports. PDF files and more media inclusion comes more into play using Publish > New Book. One selects various reports for placement and then betwixt and between one “reserves” printing slots as blanks for later insertion of the separately generated media and PDF files (and other prior-created documents) as pages in the flow of creation. No real provisions for direct-linking to these files.

Ahh thank you.

I did see a video about this, which mentioned blank pages when creating a Book but I didn’t understand that at this would allow for the inserting of Media items at a later date. In my case this would have to be when working with a book saved as a Word document (I haven’t got the capability to modify a pdf). I thought the video meant the blank pages could be inserted so that the user could just physically write some notes on the blank pages afterwards. Thanks for that hint.

Direct linking? - fair enough, I thought that was unlikely. Just thought I’d ask.

Thanks for the help.

I edited my reply to ADD other document types as candidates for insertion. So, .docx files can be slotted in prior and the book edited as .docx post-assemblage, also.

Thank you. Very helpful.

It’s good to know that a forum can be so responsive when deciding whether or not to buy into a new product.

I’m doing a fair amount of work with Books / Reports in RM9. There are a few issues with scrapbooks and saving at the moment but all in all I’m generating a .docx then doing all my final work in Indesign. For smaller books and reports Word is just fine. Word can be doggedly slow on larger books, and I prefer the Indesign capability to have all my chapters in separate files.

The only thing I really desire is the ability to generate styles instead of simply assigned font characteristics. Done properly it would allow reformatting whole books quickly and easily. This capability exists in all modern document processors (Word, Indesign, FrameMaker, etc) and has for decades.