Publishing PDF documents

If marriage certificates, death certificates, etc are saved as a PDF file and uploaded in the RM as a media file (PDF), is there any way to include them in a published book on RM 9? Currently they do not show, even in the scrapbook page.

In the media gallery, if you change the the Media type from File to Image it appears in the Scrapbook report. Not sure about the other reports, you will need to try it for yourself.


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Thanks…yes I have .jpg images that show up but all of my documents were scanned as pdf files and I was really hoping there was a way to include them in the PDF format.

If you add the PDF files as media, then change the Media type to image, it can be used in the Scrapbook report or set as a person’s Primary photo and included in all reports that have the show photo option.

Thank you , that works. I have found though that in order for it to be legible, I have to make it full page on the scrap book. I am not sure that is going to work, format wise, for the book since I believe that setting would also apply to all the photos in the scrapbook for that individual. I appreciate your answer though!