Show media in grid

See photoshot of my screen, the media is present but is there a quick way of getting the fact grid to show the icon for this.

No. There is no option that shows in the fact/event grid that there is source/citation media, despite such requested enhancements for more than a decade. The best you can do within the RM UI is to get to the fact"s Edit Citation pane, open the media item and add a tag to the event.

Outside of RM, it’s possible to batch add such tags using sqlite3 on the database.

Thanks Tom, I am a new user to RM and have imported my tree from I have almost realised that may be the way to do it, but it’s laborious and I have several hundreds to do. I was just hoping there might have been a better way. Thanks again.

If you open the Media tab on the Edit Person screen the drop list at the top will show you every citation that has media. It will have an asterisk if front of it. If you select one of them it will show the media attached.


Nice feature, but doesn’t show sources that have media only on the source and not citation.

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