Shareable Drive with broken Media Links in RM9

In RM9 on my Windows computer, I fixed ALL of my broken media links, and ran the database tools. Media were basically in either a Photos folder (833 files) or a Documentation folder (1225 files) for a total of 2,058 files. When I made a Shareable Drive, there were only 842 files in the Media folder. So it is missing>1,200 files. (I did not know to set my folders before I imported from RM7.)

I found I can correct it if I: go to a file with a broken link, cut the Filename, click the checkmark to save, then paste the Filename back in & save.

Is there any faster way to fix this that does not involve correcting each file individually for 1,200 files?

As long as your media links were not broken when you created the Shareable Drive they all should have been added to the Shareable Drive’s media folder. Are you sure you are using all 2058 media items you have between the two folders? There shouldn’t be a need to move any media when you imported into RM9.

Thanks for responding.
I created a shareable drive of one branch of the family which resulted in 846 items in the George-media folder–fine.

However, when I opened RM on the D: drive, and looked at the Media tab, most (not all) items had broken links. Attached are the first two screens from the Media tab. (I cannot publish a MultiMedia List from the Shareable Drive, so I cannot get an exact count.)

Hope you can help me out.