Sentence Template Capitalise first word

I have made the date of an event the first part of the sentence. When it prints it does not capitalise the defaulted on connected to [date].

so this shows

< [Date]> [person] lived < [Desc]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.


on 29 Sep 1939 she lived at 48 Hazelbury Avenue in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

How do I get the defaulted on in front of date to be On.

If I just have the year in the date it does print correctly with: In 1939 but it I have date 29 Sept 1939 it prints: on 29 Sept 1939.

So it does it correctly for In but not on


I have two Fact sentences that begin with the date that read properly with the “on” capitalized. The only difference I see in my sentence is a comma after the field entry. Try <[Date]>, to see if it changes anything.

thanks, I tried that but did not make any difference. Very strange, but thanks for trying.

My residence sentence is:
[person] lived< [Desc]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>< [Date]>.

Thanks Terry, yes that does work but I like the date to be first, it maybe something basic I am missing.

Thanks for your reply.

I just tried your template and I am getting an upper case ‘O’ on the On. However if you are still for some reason getting a lower case ‘o’ then try:

On< [Date:Plain] >[person] lived< [Desc]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>

I also tried the same sentence template and have the capital O in on. There maybe something else that is triggering this. I notice you have [Person] and it’s rotating though she so it maybe the placement in the narrative. We would have to see what comes before and after it.

Thanks Terry, it a workaround and I will keep a note of it, however if I only have the year it would then start On 1939, so not going to help for that.

Thanks for the reply, can I ask what you mean by rotating? The full sentence comes out

on 29 Sep 1939 she lived at 48 Hazelbury Avenue in Watford, Hertfordshire, England, United Kingdom.

Sometimes it puts the persons name instead of she.

Let me know what I need to show you.

The rotating that Renee refers to is the cycling of she/he with the person’s name in full. It is designed that way to avoid reports sounding too repetitive.

thanks yes I have noticed on another sentence where name is first if it puts the name for example Paul it will be capitol P but if it uses he or she then it is lower case.

Something a bit weird here, I am using RM9 on a Mac by the way.

When I copied the sentence structure on here it seemed to have missed the bold commands I did not notice as I just copied and pasted it.

I looked at other sentences and put the date at the front and it worked fine. I then copied the Date field to my residence template, removing the one that was there is case it had got corrupted somehow and also left out the bold commands. The on printed correctly On, when I then applied the bold commands it changed to small o, so it looks as if there is a problem with making certain text bold in a sentance.

This is what I had set up.

”< [Date]> [person] “” lived < [Desc]>< [PlaceDetails]>< [Place]>.

Removing the Bold makes it work.

Thanks for your time anyway trying to help me.

Is there anywhere I can report this to or am I using wrong commands to make text bold?

End note when I posted this the bold commands disappeared so I had copied correctly. It seems I cannot show you the commands. < and a b and a > is how I get bold.

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Confirming this has been reported to development.

Thanks, not sure whether to mention the massive problems I had after removing the bold commands.

Basically I think people should know. All my census people which I had set up as Uncle, Brother, Sister etc where the sentence had bold commands put in, when these were removed they all went back to just witness’s.

I thought no problem I will restore from back up before changing but every back up and I mean 10 plus going back a month although it only had the data of the time, had put back all people to just witness rather than son, brother etc.

I was concerned by this and very agitated lots and lots of records were now showing incorrect and the only way to correct them would be going into each of the 2000 census records and setting the witness up correctly again.

My last hope was to restore from a gedcom file from 2 days ago. Phew it worked and I was just able to reload data changed in last couple of days, not too much fortunately.

So to sum up, using the bold commands meant sentences started with lower case letter, removing the bold commands seemed to corrupt the relevant witness son, daughter, auntie, uncle etc back to just a witness.

When trying to restore from old back ups ALL of them had this corruption carried over somehow. I even tried loading into another folder in case it was picking something up from the Roots folder but still the problem persisted, only a new database with a Roots gedcom file removed the problem.

Hope that is clear I do not want anyone else to experience that.

I future before doing any changes, not only will I back up, but I will also export a gedcom file.


I can’t reproduce your issue with changing the witness sentence template. I’ve tested adding bold, and removing bold and neither actions will cause the role to change back to witness. The only thing I can gather is you deleted the role some how.

Hello Renee, many thanks for trying, so very strange I really do not know what happened, I am very careful doing these things, so weird, and when the back ups kept showing the same it really confused me. Fingers crossed it was something I had done.

After a few hours last night I am now back to where I was and will be extra cautious in future.

Thanks Paul