Tag Type sentence - Updated

I think this might have been because at one point I clicked restore to default.

I have opened my back up and done some changes and it appears ok now.

CLOSED - I cannot see a way of deleting the question.

Hoping someone can help with sentence templates.

On the Census Family I have added new roles - stepson, Auntie, Uncle etc. These are working well.

I have decided to change the sentence for each one. So I change it and it shows in the preview correctly, both for Principle and all the relations son, Auntie, Uncle etc etc.

When I run a report or look under the person details the sentence has changed for Principle but for all the others, my added ones, Uncle, Auntie etc it keeps the previous one.

If I go into the entry, and click on the shared option, the person shows correctly Uncle, Auntie however I notice if I go to change this it has defaulted back to Witness and I have to choose Uncle or Auntie etc again and then it display’s the newly updated sentence.

When updating the sentence structure I did not add new or delete I only change the sentence structure for each type, but it appears it has not taken all of those new witness types back to the default witness and it seems I now have to go through thousands of entries and change their witness type back to Uncle, Auntie etc.

I am going to restore my file from last nights back up, but it is a bit annoying and maybe I did something wrong or its a bug.

Any help appreciated.