More Capitalization Options

This might be nitpicky, but a lot of the time, when I add something to the Description field, I like to capitalize it because I think that looks better in my timeline view. But it screws up the sentences that are generated. Sometimes, I can get away with adding “:Lower” to the sentence template, but this doesn’t always work out if I have additional words capitalized later on.

For example, I might put “Attended John Smith’s wedding to Mary Jones” in an event description. But then I either have to deal with “Attended” being capitalized in the sentence that’s produced or have “John Smith” and “Mary Jones” show up as all lowercase if I use “:Lower.”

It would be really nice to have an option that just changes the first letter to lowercase and leaves all others alone, sort of like an opposite to “:Caps.” Like I said, it’s nitpicky, but it would be nice.