Second wife and her children failed to be imported to Roots Magic, from Legacy

I imported a database from Legacy 9.0, into Roots Magic 9, and noticed an ancestor’s second wife and her children were not included. The date of the second marriage is shown, but not the second wife or her children.

As a test, create Gedcom in Legacy, Import to new database in RM and see what happens. My Legacy Import worked fine.

I created a Gedcom in Legacy, then imported it to Roots Magic, but I cannot find this new file anywhere in RootsMagic. Under files, it only shows the one previously imported directly from Legacy.

Hmm … you should have your Folder Settings pointing to where your data is and Import (with a new name) to that location.

If you are on Windows, You might try putting the name of the file in the Search engine to find where it is

then go to RM 9 — go to open a RM file then hit
BROWSE FOR FILE at the bottom

and select the location where you found the file in the search

I am having a couple of technical issues with Legacy. I am trying to resolve them before I go back to the import to Roots Magic. I do not think the problems are related, but I am confused enough with the Legacy problems. Than you for your help, I think I will have to get back to you later.