Searching Private Notes

I have been making my notes private by adding the curly brackets { and }. Is there a way to search for any notes I may have missed adding the curly brackets?
I tried to make a group but couldn’t get it to work.

The Groups method for finding your criteria would be:
Free Form->Select people->Mark->By data fields->
Any fact ~ note ~ does not contain ~ {

I tried that but did not work. I have a fact of divorce.
First I created a group using the fact divorce~note~is not blank. It said there were 89 people in the group. Then I created another group.
I selected the fact divorce~note~does not contain~ { and I got 8712 people in the group. I checked several people and they did not have a divorce fact. Is it something I did wrong or is the program not working correctly?

Try the combination of three criteria:
Divorce - exists - is true
Divorce - Note - is not blank
Divorce - Note - does not contain - “{” (sans quotes)

Edited for exact language.

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The root cause of the problem is that the criterion “Divorce Note does not contain {” will include people without a Divorce fact because they don’t have a Divorce note that contains a {. Tom’s suggestion will probably work just fine.

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Thanks for the suggestion. It did not work. The group had 19 people in it. I checked them all and they had the curly bracket {. When I entered the first line “Fact Divorce exists” the next box had 2 choices (is false or is true). I tried it with both ways. I did not get any people without the curly bracket. I may not have any but wanted to make sure so thought a search would give me any fact that did not have the curly bracket. I thought it would come up zero people if I didn’t make a mistake. I have already checked the 19 people for the curly bracket so guess I will have to manually check the other 70 as I said when I did the group for just divorce facts I had 89 people in the group. Thanks for all the suggestions. If there is anything else I could try I would appreciate the information as I also have other facts I want to check for the curly brackets.

Did the 19 people have more than one Divorce event? Where RM’s Search by Criteria falls down is when there are multiple events of the same type and maybe also with the “does not contain” criterion which is satisfied even if the fact does not exist. I just tested what I outlined and it worked exactly as I expected. Where there was just the one Divorce (in my case Census), the criteria are all applied to the one event and the logical AND between them results in True only if all three are True. However, if there is another Divorce (Census), then any one of the events can result in a True for any one of the criteria and together are True.

Unfortunately, there is just no way within RM to narrow it down to having the criteria applied to just one object. You would have to resort to other outboard software that might have that capability. That could be a GEDCOM export to other family tree software which you could use to find the cases which you would then look up in RM and correct. Or you dig into the RM database with a sqlite manager and operate on the database directly.

I checked 10 of the 19 people and there were no multiple divorces on the ones I checked. Thanks for you information.

I just thought I would tell you I solved my problem. I created three groups
1 Divorce group with notes (found 89 people)
2 Divorce group contains { (found 89 people)
3 Divorce group contains } (found 88 people)
After watching a video by Bruce about working with groups I found that you can compare two groups. When I compared #1 and #3 it created a new group with the missing person.
Thanks again for all the comments.

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