Search and Replace

Hi, Can someone please help on how I can remove the lead comma from the place name using Search and Replace.

When I do this, Search and Replace displays every , (Comma space).

Thanks Bob

I just tried it, and it looks like running search and replace in Places does not go through the place list alphabetically. I didn’t continue to see if it would eventually find the place where I had entered a comma first.

But from your screenshot, it looks like you have only 3 places with comma first? If so, that’s easy to fix manually by just editing those 3 places.

In this instance you don’t need to do the Search and Replace All, correcting the entry where you are in the place tab will correct if for all instances. Caveat, it you are then looking to update that change in an online tree, I don’t believe it picks up as a “change.”
I understand you are looking to not do this individually but if you want to see where these occurrences are (to spot check changes are made as you want), look to the edit place screen and find the Events line. It should give you a count. Clicking here will then show you every place that entry occurs. Look to the top, there is an “edit” button that will bring you to that person edit screen to change there if desired. You never know, there might be just a handful of them. :slightly_smiling_face: