RootsMagic hangs in a will note

I just got access to some wills and am attempting to add them. The first time I added a will fact and typed the first character into the note field, the program hanged. I left it (for 24 hours!) but with no positive result. I killed the executable, and started again, added the note I wanted and moved onto the second will. Again the first character click into the note field has left it locked up and unresponsive.

Are other people able to create notes in new wills in RootsMagic 9?

Just added a fake Will fact to a person and entered notes. I had no problem. Entered a fake source too, I switched to another person and came back to the person with the fake will fact and all seems well. I am on RM 9.0.2 on Win10 current patch level. What version of RM9 are you using and what computer type?

I realized I was on 9.0.1, so upgraded and suffered no more issues. Thanks for helping me out.