RootsMagic 8 Does Not Allow Me to Edit Source Quality

When I enter a source citation, RootsMagic 8 has dropdown lists under Quality, but, when I select one of the options, nothing happens other than the dropdown list closing. Has anyone found a solution to that issue?

When you select one of the options a “bullet point” appears next to the selection (first screenshot). When you click on the tick/checkmark the selections are saved (second screenshot). Hope I am understanding your question correctly



Selecting one of the options has no effect. “Unlnown” continues to display.

Joseph R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

Which one of the options has no effect?

None of them: They all return to Unknown.

Joseph R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

I’ve just played around with this for about five minutes using one, two and three components of the Quality parameters and cannot duplicate your problem. I have even discovered that you can click anywhere or close this window without clicking the tick/checkmark and the selections are still saved. It will be interesting to see if anybody else is experiencing the same problem of them all returning to Unknown.

So glad you are not having the problem.

Joseph R. Harris, Jr., Ph.D.

Something to try–After selecting are you clicking on the quality option, are you clicking on the check mark at the top right of the window to accept the change?

I have tried both without success. RootsMagic support emailed me and said they are aware that some computers are experiencing this difficulty, and they are awaiting an additional resource to resolve it.

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